Welcome to easysolutions, a company from Vienna, Austria, Europe eager to offer easy solutions for your problems.

We use computer technology (apps + games, webdesign, programming), marketing know how (how to make people aware of your services) and our music skills to serve you those fine easy solutions. We are very thankful for all the great collaborations und support from freelancers and colleagues!

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Chris // easysolutions.cc


Apps for everyday and special occasions...

Easy solutions for your smart devices.

- utility apps (helpful apps for individuals and companies)
- games (online and local)
- website editor (edit your website on the go)
- social interaction (chat and other)
- encryption for better security
- 3D presentation (show your customers your goods in 3D and allow them to interact)
and more ...

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our apps:

feel good

want to feel better? feel good might be able to help you. Use this health journal to track how you feel and what you eat / what meds you take and learn more about yourself. Start using feel good now FOR FREE on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch. Version of feel good for Android + Android Wear coming soon.

Price Check

This is our price check app that allows you to compare prices offline. Can't remember what they charged you for the bananas last time? Price Check has an easy interface so you can enter your prices in no time. Just type (or simply say when you use Siri) something like "Bananas 1 Kilo 3.45 at Supermarked Vienna" and hit save. Next time you just have to write "ba" to see your banana entry together with the price. That's especially useful if you want to compare many items. Check it out now, its free for the first 20 items. For iPhone and iPad.

easyCall Free

This was our first app. Still useful and up to date.

what it does:

Easily edit phone numbers you find on the internet and apply prefix numbers by pressing a single button. Everything you need for your easy call ...
Available for the iPhone


The app for musicians and everyone who needs to transcribe music, lyrics or spoken words from online videos

Need to transcribe music from video platforms like YouTube or the like? Then you should check out easyTranscribe for iPhone and iPad. This app allows you to slow down and speed up online videos, loop them and set a cue point to always start playing at the same position by hitting a single button. Repeat it until you got the phrase right / hear what the person actually is saying.

More about easyTranscribe

Available for iPad, iPod and iPhone

... we want your app

If you have an idea for a special app / game we gladly help you to realize it. Whether you want to connect your employers with an internal communication app, offer visitors or guests information and interaction or just have a crazy new idea for a funny game - we make your app become a reality.

Web Solutions

these websites are run and / or serviced by us and provide different online services


BOOK AND RELAX is a start-up for booking low price massage appointments: www.bookandrelax.at

We did: custom webdesign, database layout

Perfektes Fest

something to celebrate? this site helps people to find the right location, music, catering and everything else for their perfect celebration in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Currently only available in German. Check it out at www.perfektesfest.eu

We do/did: custom webdesign, database layout, user management and subscriptions, marketing (including fan page on facebook)

more web services to come ...

Smart Marketing

So you have a good-looking website with all the information on it, but nobody visits it?
You are not alone. Now that you have your website you need to drive targeted traffic to it. You probably want your visitors interact with your website (buy something, get in contact, subscribe, ...). So the question for you probably is:

How can I get people to visit my website?

The good news: there are many different ways to catch the attention of your potential customers. You don't need a huge budget for advertising to make people aware of your service. Many things you can do to get more visitors to your website might even be available for free.
Use online marketing to your advance and reach out to people looking exactly for what you are offering. We assist you choosing the right advertisment channels, finding good keywords & slogans, designing your assets, planning campaigns, optimising budgets and raising the awareness for your site naturally.

marketing - what else?

We also offer you consulting for finding the right business name (and all the related stuff), domain name, colors, fonts, and everything else ... because all of these things matter for your success.


So you need a website? Do you have one that needs a new look or misses functionality? You've come to the right place. Websites crafted by us are good looking, well functioning, user friendly, and easy to maintain. On PCs and on mobiles. Get an easy solution for your presence on the world wide web.

love at first sight ...

Since most visitors decide in a very short moment whether they want to stay on a website, we believe that the impression your website makes at first sight is extremely important. Therefore we make sure that your website loads quickly and looks good from the first moment on.

are you using your mobile to surf the net?

More and more people are using their mobile devices to surf the net. That's why we make sure your website also looks good and works flawlessly on your users mobiles as it does in the web browsers on regular computers.

big and small

We offer websites for big companies with all the bells and whistles as well as websites tailored to the needs and budget of individual people. Whether you want to host your own server, are interested in running your own online shop or need us to implement an intranet for company internal communication (also possible in combination with personalised apps interacting with your website through custom actions and push notifications). Or just a simple online business card for people to see your cv and get your press material. We do it! easy! with style!

change content on the go

Took a picture of something interesting with your phone and want to share it with your website visitors? No problem. Take the photo, write a description and upload it to your site. While you're on the go. No need to wait until you get home to your computer to publish your idea. Write a news entry while waiting somewhere, relaxing on the beach or riding the train. Easy as that. Your website by easysolutions.cc

Once your website is online we can also help you to get the word out so people actually find your website.


What we did:

book cheap massages in Vienna/Austriasinger from Austriacelebrate in germany - find everything for your event


New corporate logo, company printing, flyers, stickers, business cards, 3D models, illustrations ...

we design your success

Logos, webdesigns and all other looks have to be well thought off and tested in different environments. When we start a new design we think of usability first, so everybody can enjoy the looks. We consult you for choosing the right colors, appropriate slogan, layouts, fonts, images. It all helps to transmit your message.

a picture is worth a thousand words

Often heard and true. That's why we choose your images with great respect. Because they all tell a story. Your story.


As a balance to the computer centered work music helps us to stay creative. (Chris, who represents easysolutions, studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (piano) and holds a degree in music).

recorded music - cds, games, motion pictures, jingles + advertisments

We record CDs (yes, they are still used), advertisement jingles, corporate sound logos, background music for motion pictures and advertisement films, location audio for stores, hotels or giveaway cds / mp3s for your customers.
With our growing network of musicians and producers in Austria, Germany, Spain, UK and US we can help you with recording voice overs (male / female in different languages) for advertisements, games and films, license or made-to-order recorded music like lounge, jazz, pop, rock and even orchestral music. Whatever it is you want to record - we are recording it!

copyrighted and royalty-free music

If you don't want to pay for the music everytime it's played we even offer royalty-free lounge and jazz music. From our library or custom tailor-made music exactly for your needs. For location music or give away cds.

live music

Need live music? We can recommend special high class musicians / bands in different genres for live venues and events throughout Europe. Just get in touch. Chris will help you find the right band for your event.

music is life

that's the way it is ...

Other Solutions

From time to time we get asked to build electronic devices for custom solutions.

There is a lot that can be done in connection with small computer devices, mobile phones and electronics

If you need something done in this area don't hesitate to get in touch. Whether for your house or for a company, we are looking forward to find solutions to not so easy problems :-)


do you have a question about our services or our apps? are you in need of a mobile friendly website? interested in our music? want us to develop a custom solution for you?
feel free to contact us:

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Christian Auzinger
Greinergasse 6/8
1190 Vienna

+43 650 777 2 444